Advanced Computer Solutions Pvt. Ltd., is devoted to providing reliable Technology Solutions & Support to businesses that want to improve productivity and profitability.

With Technology that is simplified and customized to meet customers’ unique business needs, one can stop worrying about
technology and focus on what really matters. With vigilant monitoring and maintenance, we offer IT Consulting that can help eliminate the complexities of technology and simplify everyday tasks for businesses.

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ACS takes pride in its rock-solid technical expertise and inherent willingness and attitude to deliver. We are committed to customer affinity, we involve ourselves more as a partner to customers than as a service provider. Our Focus is not only on Delivery but also on long-term support.

We provide the simplest possible solutions to not only reduce the initial project costs but also help customers reduce subsequent maintenance and operational costs.

We deliver the highest quality solution at the best possible prices and help customers reap better benefits from their IT investments while maintaining the highest standards of quality by strictly adhering to quality systems & processes without compromising at any stage.